Articles and Photos: SAWDOS

It has become necessary to provide more detail about the publication of articles and photos on the SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service (SAWD0S) Blog.

The impression might be created that media and other articles which include photos are being used indiscriminately and that the SAWDOS claim ownership of these articles and photos. This is not true!!

The SAWDOS is a non profitable community based service with no monetary gain that renders a free weather and disaster observation service to the general public of South Africa.  It is a community driven project to better the lives of all citizens; to educate and to inform the general public with regard to weather and disaster related incidents in South Africa and even World Wide . In other words a service by the public for the public.

The SAWDOS has no employees and the writer of this article receive no financial benefits or any other benefit from publishing any article on this blog. Neither are the SAWDOS in competition with any other organization, the news media or any private individual.

The custodian of this blog carries all the monthly expenditure to upkeep this service. No financial contributions has ever been received for the upkeep of this blog or any project of the SAWDOS.

There has been a very good mutual relationship between all roll players, the media, radio amateurs, weather observers etc.. to make the SAWDOS blog the success it is today. The SAWDOS is of the opinion that all involved can continue this good relationship. The SAWDOS therefor invite parties that are unhappy about the content on this site to contact the SAWDOS in this regard.

The SAWDOS would once again like to thank each and everyone who contributes directly or indirectly to the SAWDOS to better the lives of all citizens in South Africa.

Let's all work together to discover the true meaning of UBUNTU!!

Johan Terblanche
Founder: SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service
Mossel Bay
1 January 2012