Thursday, 18 October 2012

Current Road closures in Nelson Mandela Bay

Here are the current road closures and roads flooded in the Nelson Mandela By Metro, this list might change or grow so stay tuned to Algoafm for the latest updates.

* On the R67 between Bathurst and Port Alfred roads are completely flooded.
* The left lane of the M4 Freeway in the Northerly direction
* Fitchetts Corner and Despatch flooded
* Corner of Circular drive and William Moffet
* Water levels are rising in Heugh Road and 10th Avenue
* Uitenhage Road and left lane of Mati Road Flooded
* The R75 into Uitenhage flooded
* Kempston Road and Cresswell Road is waterlogged
* Admiralty and Coach Road
* Burman Road and Deal party is waterlogged
* Tergetkloof flooded
* Dyke Road and Bethelsdorp waterlogged
* Left lane closed on the N2 between Burman Road and Stanford Raod
* N2 between van Stadens and Blue Horizon Bay is flooded
* Corner of Cape Road, near Bushy Park, flooded
* Koedoeskloof waste site is closed

- AlgoaFM

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