Thursday, 18 October 2012

News Latest rainfall figures for Algoa Country

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality says its keeping a close eye on all supply dams which are overflowing as a result of heavy rain over the past 24 hours.

Spokesperson, Kupido Baron, says they are working with the Department of Water Affairs in monitoring the dams.

He says at this stage there are no areas in any danger, however they will continue to monitor the situation closely.

The PE weather office says the system that brought all the rain has since moved over the Wild Coast.

Port Alfred was one of the hardest hit areas with more than 165mm of rain measured up until eight o'clock on Thursday morning.

Other significant falls were measured in Addo where 98.8mm fell, Uitenhage, 64.8 mm, Grahamstown, 57.8mm, East London 42mm and the Third Avenue dip, which is still closed, 62mm.

Here are some other figures:

Bird Island, 61.8mm

Cape St Francis, 33.4mm

Cradock ,7.0mm

Darlington Dam, 15.8mm

Fort Beauafort, 9.0mm

Grahamstown, 57.8mm

Coega, 95.4mm

Patensie, 12.6mm

Port Alfred, 165.4mm

Pe Coega Lower River, 92.6mm

Pe Coega Upper River, 74.0mm

Pe Airport, 59.0mm

Chettty, 51.6mm

Lovermore heights, 46.2mm

Uitenhage, 64.8mm

Third Avenue dip, 62.0mm

East London, 42.0mm

Bisho, 25.4mm

Barkley East, 26mm

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