Saturday, 27 October 2012

Photos: Real Time Weather Observation: South Africa (27 October 2012)

It all started here:

Carin reports: @SAWDOS1 lovely clouds forming over Greenstone Edenvale, 15:13

Adrian Jacobson reports: @SAWDOS1 storm clouds building from the West over Norwood JHB

Matt Kibby reports: It's rolling in from the southwest over Boksburg.

Carin reports: @SAWDOS1 15:46 dark clouds over Greenstone Edenvale, distant thunder and temp has dropped.

Fathima Chocpie writes: @SAWDOS1 look at rain n hailstones in 3 rivers

Carin reports: @SAWDOS1 amazing clouds Edenvale

Ratel262 reports: @SAWDOS1 mini golf balls @4:15 Azaadville

Conroy King writes: @SAWDOS1 massive storm in Range View. Huge hail

Dario Perotta reports: @SAWDOS1 hailing in Ruimsig

Annemaяie Andeяson Funny shape hail. #Roodekrans

Ann Pretorius report: @SAWDOS1 Hael in Witpoortjie

@SAWDOS1 over the West Rand

Ann Pretorius report: @SAWDOS1 Nog hael korrels Witpoortjie, Roodepoort

Ùß.̷∕̴Ɩ¡Ðz report: @SAWDOS1 pouring in Azaadville with small hail

Jean Ingram report: @SAWDOS1 - Albemarle, Germiston - now

Gauteng Weather reports: PHOTO: Roof collapse at Woolworths in West Gate

Ùß.̷∕̴Ɩ¡Ðz report: @SAWDOS1 over Krugersdorp

Gilbert Tsoke report: @SAWDOS1 after the rain.

Media Money ‏report: @SAWDOS1 hail - Douglasdale

Janine Williams report: @SAWDOS1 and we get not 1 BUT 2 rainbows

Ùß.̷∕̴Ɩ¡Ðz report: @SAWDOS1 stuck in a hailstorm outside Krugersdorp# visibilty zero

MG report: @SAWDOS1 - Montana, Pretoria- dark and cloudy with some thunder... the darkness before the storm

Janine Williams report: @SAWDOS1. Not over as yet- moving towards Meyerton from Alberton

Janine Williams report: @SAWDOS1 say hello hail cloud

Anet Basson report: @SAWDOS1 Hael wat ons in Wilropark, Roodepoort gehad het.

Frans Gerber report: @SAWDOS1 taken 20 min ago, Craigavon, seems like worst is over.

Adla da Silva report: @SAWDOS1 sky over Pretoria taken from the Voortreker Monument

Jean van Vuuren report: #weird clouds over Pretoria. (SAWDOS: These are called Mammatus clouds.)

Charlotte Roos report: RT @SAWDOS1: In Ruimsig, and the clouds is much much darker than in pic. Freaken scary!

Carin report: @SAWDOS1 18:23 Edenvale rain has eased off, clouds still very dark with distant lightning thunder.

Willemien Vos report: @SAWDOS1 Hail in Krugersdorp.

Ann Pretorius report: @SAWDOS1 Heavy rains and intense thunder in Vanderbijlpark

Lorna Scheepers reports: Funny clouds of a thunderstorm in Alberton today.

Christine Webber reports: Family live in Roodepoort. Had bad hail storm said this photo is one of the small hail stones.

Jimmy Kuys report: Hail storm in Roodepoort this afternoon, some big ones

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