Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Photos: Real Time Weather Observation: South Africa (30 October 2012)

Shane Bailey report: @SAWDOS1 dark cloud in the distance East of Atlasville. Couple of drops in Atlasville now dry. Storms brewing to East.

Stanley report: @SAWDOS1 looking north from hendrik potgieter...tons of lighting and thunder.

Fraser McHenry report: @SAWDOS1 clouds off Ballito...

Shane Bailey report: @SAWDOS1 some nasty looking clouds now to the NW of Atlasville. Clouds also moving in from SW side. Moving easterly.

Shane Bailey report: @SAWDOS1 picture East of Atlasville 30mins later. Clouds moving quickly. Thunder above Atlasville & couple of raindrops.

Tejal Somaru report: @SAWDOS1. Johannesburg hail

Obakeng Seeletse report: @SAWDOS1 hailstorms in Midrand

Shane Bailey writes: @SAWDOS1 This must be the storm over Midrand passing over Northern Atlasville. Dry currently. Clouds moving SWdirection.

Dre' report: @SAWDOS1 hail, wind and mayhem in Midrand

gerdavorster report: @SAWDOS1 clouds in Spartan, Kempton Park looks like a heavy storm on the way.

Anine Swart report: @SAWDOS1 hail in Midrand

Eugene Stolk report: @SAWDOS1 clouds rolling in over wits education campus from the west (14:27) wind picking up.

Lauren F report: Massive amount of hail in Lonehill

Shane Bailey report: @SAWDOS1 Storm moving over NE of Atlasville in distance. Looks like it will miss us. Moving to Bronkhorstspruit???

Nassir Ali report: Not impressed with this hailstorm in Midrand at the moment.
Juuust made it into the garage.

Joy Evans report: How's this for size..... 3 minute hail storm.

Simone Gorven report: Small hailstones in Boksburg

Shane Bailey report: @SAWDOS1 Rain cloud has passed over #Atlasville. Hail small.
Rain stopped 15:11:33

Tanja report: #Ballito it's raining again!

Lynn Zachariades report: @SAWDOS1 Huge hail storm in Waterkloof Ridge, #pretoria. Wish you could hear it! 15:25pm

Lynn Zachariades report: @Jacanews @sawdos1 More amazing clouds

Lynn Zachariades report: @Jacanews @sawdos1 More amazing clouds

Anzelle writes: @SAWDOS1 Little bit of hail in Pretoria East - quick and over

Craig Powell report: @SAWDOS1 Small amount of small hail in Erasmusrand PTA, largest was ~1cm, average is pictured here.

DM photograpic report: @SAWDOS1. Rainbow over centurion

Lynn Zachariades report: @SAWDOS1 Rainbow over Castella #Waterkloof Ridge

Adla da Silva report: @SAWDOS1 dark clouds, rain and a beautiful rainbow

Bruce report: @SAWDOS1 A carpet of hail on Dainfern golf course.

Carin report: @SAWDOS1 lots of clouds M2 N leaving Jhb CBD.

Fred Calitz report: @SAWDOS1 Polokwane 17h11: wind starting to pick up now, bringing the smell of rain.

Flying Dutchman report: @SAWDOS1 clouds building up with faint rainbow in Glenwood Durban

Charlene Giovanelli report: @SAWDOS1 storm clouds moving towards Ballito

Dullstroom Weather report: @SAWDOS1 Dullstroom 18h00: Went eerie quiet, thought we in for big one but nought. Pass by N & S. Mayby later. View SE.

Dullstroom Weather report: @SAWDOS1 Dullstroom 30/10 18h15: Sunset! This photo has not been changed in any way.

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