Sunday, 11 November 2012

Photo and Update: Aircraft makes precautionary landing on PE Bluewater Beach.

Maronize Goddess-of Glam Groepe: 13:30
Two-seater aircraft crash landed on the Bluewater beach.....pilot seems fine.....paramedics attended to a doggy that the aircraft seemed to have injured on the beach..... I would like to know how the dog is doing please...... He/she seemed to have been injured badly.....praying for both the pilot and the dog and thumbs up for the rescue peeps for their fast
reaction and especially for seeing to the dog as well.... I salute U!!.

Lee Pritchard & Jackie Barendse Zeelie for the photos.
Incident occurred at the Swartkops River Mouth.

Ashley Banks: 14:00
The pilot is fine not sure about the dog, we are busy on the scene now removing the aircraft. Would appreciate if the public stay away as there is still a lot of Jet Aviation fuel on the aircraft.

Nikki Pollak: 14:40
Update From Ashley Banks regarding dog hit by plane on Bluewaterbay beach : The dog might loose its eye and has a bad gash on its leg. Please pray for the dog to make a full recovery Thanks

Source: Public Servant News Network Port Elizabeth

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