Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lady falls down embankment next to Vaal river

A 42 year old lady sustained some injuries this evening when she allegedly slipped from a ledge while walking and fell onto a river bank.

ER24 paramedics from Potchefstroom received a call out to a stretch along the side of the Vaal River approximately 30 kilometers outside of Potchefstroom. Upon arriving at the scene the paramedics located the patient at the bottom of a steep rocky slope.

The paramedics were able to get down to where the patient was lying. The lady was in some pain. Paramedics treated the patient for suspected back and neck injures as well as a shoulder injury.

Paramedics later immobilised the patient to spinal equipment before using specialised rope rescue techniques to extricate the patient from the bottom of the slope. The patient was then transported to a medial facility for further care.

- ER24

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