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Numerous house's burning at St Francis Canals in the Eastern Cape Province ( 11 November 2012) PART 1

St Francis Bay @stfrancisbay via Twitter:

Numerous house's burning at St Francis Canals, winds at 80km/h.


St Francis Bay ‏@stfrancisbay

@AlgoaFMNews fires continue at the canals with numerous house now destroyed.


“Houses are burning all the way to the sea on the canals a fireman told St Francis Chronicle this evening.

More information an images available at:


Fires are still burning out of control.  From reports received by the SAWDOS it would appear that the situation is deteriorating further. 

Request for Assistance: If you are able to assist in any way with accommodation, blankets, water, pet care, food, refreshments etc.  in the St Francis Bay area please call 042 200 1800 or contact the local police station. People are left homeless tonight without personal belongings. Come on people let's help those who lost everything but also assist those who are currently fighting the fires.

StFrancisBay: An urgent appeal from NSRI: "We need help!!” Anyone wanting to assist go to the old Fire Station or call Marc on 082 9567981


Gathering area/shelter for people effected by the fire in St Francis Bay - GO TO ST FRANCIS GOLF COURSE

Residents from Royal Wharf & the sea towards the easterly side are asked to evacuate. Assistance on the way from the PE - Kouga Municipality

St Francis Bay ‏@stfrancisbay

Fires #stfrancisbay ...not a good night here


Coastal Water Rescue ‏@ECCWR : Port Elizabeth,Humansdorp and Jeffrey's Bay fire depts have been called to assist.

Algoa FM ‏@AlgoaFM : Pics are up online of the fires raging in St Francis Bay -


Video: St Francis bay fire

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Fire in St Francis bay, video recorded at about 6pm on 11/11/12, over 10 houses on fire at that time.


Cape Town - The Nelson Mandela Bay fire brigade on Sunday called up off-duty firefighters to help bring a fire, which has already destroyed up to 50 houses in St Francis Bay, under control.

A spokesperson said two vehicles had already been dispatched and they were just waiting to see how many firefighters responded before more are sent.

The fire, which is being fanned by strong winds, was jumping from house to house along the canals to the sea, the NSRI said.

It apparently started at Royal Wharf, where some people were having a braai, a fireman told the St Francis Chronicle.

The paper's editor told eNCA that firefighters were "overwhelmed" by the sheer extent of the fire.

Most of the houses on the canals have thatch roofs, making it even more difficult to contain the flames.

The NSRI sent out an SOS for assistance.

"We need help!!

"Anyone able and willing who can assist, please pop down to the old fire station and offer your services or call Marc May on 082 956 7981."

- News24


Coastal Water Rescue ‏@ECCWR

Off duty firefighters from PE have been dispatched to St Francis. 2 trucks on route already. Be safe! @DurbanFire

St Francis Bay Burns 

Scores of homes have been destroyed by a raging fire in the canals at St Francis Bay.

St Francis Links CEO Jeff Clause told Algoa FM news that the fire started in a home in the Royal Warf section of the canals at around 5pm.

He said that within 5 minutes, five homes were ‘gone’ and that the flames had jumped from one canal to another.

Clause said that shortly after 8-30pm, the canals were one big glow as a strong south westerly wind fanned the flames towards the sea, destroying everything in their path.

Clause said his personnel from the golf course were trying to assist the local fire department but that there was very little anyone could do. He said one of the current dangers was gas bottles exploding as holiday homes in the canals were engulfed by the flames. Clause said at least 25 homes had been destroyed by the fire and that he had never seen anything like this before.

The NSRI at St Francis Bay has been ferrying people to safety all evening and is being inundated with calls for assistance.

The on-duty officer told AlgoaFM News that there were no casualties to his knowledge.

He said it was impossible to say how many homes, many of them with thatch roofs, had been destroyed but that it could be ‘anywhere between 50 and 100.

- Algoa FM


Latest info puts the number of houses ablaze at about 100. Still strong wind. We also ask that people avoid the scene. - Kouga Municipality 

Kouga Municipity says latest info puts 1OO homes ablaze in St Francis Bay


ST. FRANCISBAAI. – Gewelddadige vlamme wat deur stormsterk suidwestewinde aangeblaas word, het gisteraand reeds nagenoeg 50* huise langs die kanale op dié dorp verwoes.

Teen druktyd het die brandweer, polisie, NSRI en vrywilligers nog gespook om paniekbevange inwoners in Shoreweg uit hul huise te kry.

Die breekwal by Marina Glades is ook deur die verwoestende vlamme bedreig.

Die nooddienste het hul hande vol gehad met inwoners wat nie hul grasdakhuise, ’n kenmerkende eienskap van huise in die vakansiedorp, wil verlaat nie of by versperde paaie wil injaag om hul eiendom te beskerm.

‘Ons het al voorheen brande gehad, maar nog nooit so iets nie,” het Booi Koerat, burgemeester van die Kouga-distriksmunisipaliteit, aan Raahil Sain gesê. “Die sterk wind maak dat die vlamme net aanhou versprei.

“Miljoene rande se eiendom is reeds verlore. Die brandweer kan niks doen nie, dit brand en brand net.”

- Volksblad

* Kouga Municipity says latest info puts 1OO homes ablaze in St Francis Bay.

Request to spectators in the fire zone. Please move out of the area. You do not help but rather hinder.


Video: St Francis Canals burning

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The loud bang was one of many exploding gas cylinders.


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@BruceRelates FYI. @kirstydt: RT @MinePotgieter: #StFrancis Nerine Botha is the vet on stand by for any animal emergencies 083 376 1806

Further updates tomorrow morning. I need to get shut eye now. My brain needs urgent rest. Good night all and keep safe. My thoughts go out to all those effected by this terrible inferno in St Francis Bay!!

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