Thursday, 15 November 2012

Photos: Weather Observation: South Africa

Donita Conradie Visser - Look at the white line in the clouds. It was taken Monday morning just after 7 at Hillshaven, Westonaria.

Zs-one Tp Jakes - This the mountain, 14 November 2012. A real summers day in the Mother City.

Pieta Myburg - Bloemfontein @17:31 14 November 2012

It's 17h12, 13 November 2012, Tuesday... I've just taken a few shots at 16h30 on my way to the shops, and while I was taking the third shot, there appeared to be a blinding flash of light in a nano of a second, and I looked around but I didn't ask anybody coz it seemed stupid, and I thought it was just me again, and so, I came home and rushed to get the photos developed to send them to the weather site I support, and by and large, you can see what appears to be like a giant searchlight or spotlight in the third photograph... weird... can anybody shed some light on this? no pun intended... very weird... I can send the shot to anybody who has the inclination to study such weird phenomenon.... just drop me a line... Thanks so much... Always appreciate the privilege of being able to share with you all and your ability to share with me... warmest wishes, Raine and Pierre Carosin I'm still thinking, hey, it's weird!!!!

SAWDOS:  If you look closely at the image you can see the white line going through the photo in the foreground.  Nothing weird, just some kind of reflection on your camera lens. Never the less an interesting image.

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