Monday, 17 December 2012

Complaints regarding the SA Weather Service

The SAWDOS received several emails and SMS messages regarding the current service delivery of the SA Weather Service ala predictions, wrong information, incorrect severe weather warnings, web-site problems subscription services, non availability of free weather radar images etc.  The SAWDOS acknowledged all emails and SMS messages in this regard.

The SAWDOS would like to make it very clear that SAWDOS is an independent non profitable organization not affiliated to the SA Weather Service in any way.  The SAWDOS has indicated in the past that it distances itself from the SAWS and several reasons were given for this decision.

The SAWDOS would like to thank all those who send emails and SMS message to highlight problems relating to the SAWS.  SAWDOS would however like to advise the public to direct complaints to the SAWS and not to the SAWDOS.

Complaints can be viewed and send to the SA Weather Service by clicking HERE.

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