Thursday, 27 December 2012

IRESC to have new President and Executive January 1st 2013

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition {IRESC}
Special Consultative Status Economic and Social Council United Nations. 2012

Press Release

IRESC AGM December 23rd 2012

IRESC Development Office Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Wednesday 27th December 2012.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition {IRESC} held it’s AGM on Sunday 23rd December 2012; the AGM was compact and dynamic with wide range of contribution coming from members.

Drawing some significant attention was proposal from IRESC United Kingdom President M3UTG Stephen to restructure IRESC and the incorporation of the EI Workshop 181: How can Internet Governance Impact Disaster Preparedness and Response and Help Save Lives? Sixth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum 27 -30 September 2011; United Nations Office in Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya.

A motion was moved by IRESC Snr VP W0SCT Salvadore to Amendments IRESC bylaws the motion was carried and approved.

IRESC President of Portugal Joao call for IRESC to be more on HF voice and data, the best way forward with new proposals.

IRESC outgoing President Carl W2WRX was praised for his contribution and development to IRESC, Carl was made an Honorary President of IRESC.

Effective January 1st 2013 IRESC will have a new Executive Board, the board nomination for election was conducted in November by IRESC President INDIA VU2RBI Bharathi as the chief presiding officer, and TTARL Director of operation 9Z4M Michael Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


President Salvadore W0SCT United States of America
Senior Vice President Julien 9Z4FZ Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Secretary Stephen M3UTG United Kingdom
Technical Director David 9Z4DMD Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Honorary President Carl W2WRX United States of America

In 2013 IRESC will work with all stakes holder in an effort to bring about biodiversity around the world. Information will be shared across the board globally and there shall be no domination by one country for information and development

All countries will be treated equally in the dissemination of information and development from IRESC.

Julien Mervyn Dedier 9Z4FZ
IRESC President.
Trinidad & Tobago.
IT & Development

Special Consultative Status
Economic and Social Council
United Nations.2012

Do you have a problem of National, Regional or International importance that the United Nations needs to know and get involved in, IRESC will carry your matter to the UN for action, if the matter does not need the attention of the UN, IRESC will try to assist in resolving the problem. IRESC web site Contact Us to send us any information.

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