Monday, 24 December 2012

NSRI STATION 5, DURBAN - Tuna pulls fisherman off fishing kayak

Sea Rescue volunteers from Station 5, Durban, were called out by the SAPS who reported what appeared to be an overturned boat with people in the water off Westbrook beach north of Durban.

Clifford Ireland, Durban NSRI station commander, said that Netcare 911 and Balito Specialized Rescue (BSR) were also activated. SAPS Search and Rescue were put on standby.

The Netcare 911 team, first on scene, confirmed that there was an incident about a mile off the beach. The BSR Unit launched a jet ski and on arrival on scene found that a fisherman on a fishing kayak had hooked what was reported to be a large tuna which had pulled him off his craft. He was assisted back onto his craft by another fisherman on a fishing kayak and they continued fishing after BSR left the scene.

The Sea Rescue boat was stood down before launching.

It is unclear what became of the tuna.

The NSRI is urging everyone launching a craft to wear a life-jacket before they leave the shore.


Released by:

Andrew Ingram
Sea Rescue Communications

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