Saturday, 29 December 2012

Photos: Hermanus Fire (25/12/2012 - ...........) Part 2

Jacques Smith - Hermanus House that burnt down at HYC, wind strong, many flareups. Battling.

Tony Lopes - One of the heroic pilots and assistant fighting the #hermanusfire

Derick Carolin - It’s pretty epic watching these chopper guys in action!

Dave - #HermanusFire attacking the fire again above voelklip. #legend firefighters. The beaters are up there again too.

Andreline van Tonder - Major respect to the rescue team fighting the #hermanusfire. Hats off to the guys who are STILL at it!

Bernard Nortje - @EWNTraffic #hermanus #HermanusFire #firefighterlegends

Marike Groenewald - Another #Hermanus fire pic as the flames rage down the mountain towards the Voƫlklip homes.

Marike Groenewald - Incredible work done by the helicopter pilots as they fight the #Hermanus fire. Pic taken from our home in 7th street.

Derick Carolin - Chopper Rescue 911 underway in Hermanus! Feels a bit like my days back in ‘Nam!

Conroy King - @SAWDOS1 fire damage behind Voelklip

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