Saturday, 22 December 2012

Photos: Tornado/Funnel Clouds Observed recently in South Africa

Images supplied by Ziyaad Warasally - Mooiriver tornado as seen from Weston. Occurred around 17h00 19 December 2012 and lasted for 2 minutes. Never touched down.

Posted: 18h23 19/12/212 - reptrail IAN-FLYING DUTCMAN 12m The storm hitting Mooiriver

Image from @Rbrayley on twitter. 19 December 2012 - Seen here is a funnel cloud and wall cloud making me believe that this was indeed a supercellular tornado

Des Jacobs - This one was just south of Lydenburg on Sunday 25 November 2012. I watched it for approx 20 minutes or so but it never touched the ground.

Marida Jooste - Kestell: Foto van gister 17 Desember2012, het ook die punt gesien. Daar was redelik wind, maar dit het nie tot op grond gegaan nie. Tornado's kom nog al redelik in die area voor.

"Tornado" next to N4 approx. 50Km from Machadadorp (18 December 2012)- We were driving back from Jhb to Nelspruit this afternoon and it was great to this tornado less than 1Km next to N4 (approx. 50Km from Machadadorp)! It only lasted about 5 minutes after we first spotted it. - Way to Grow

The skyline last night (9 December 2012) at Sutherland Observatory. Pictures were taken between 18h53 and 18h58 in a westerly direction from SALT.

Aileen Hutchinson managed to take a photo of the twister funnel forming on the 25 November 2012 on the N1 Highway between Pretoria and Polokwane.

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