Sunday, 23 December 2012

Photos: Weather Observation: South Africa (16 - 20 December 2012)

Dawid Conradie - 20/12/2012 In Rustenburg, North-West.

George Pietersen - 20/12/2012 'Burning' cloud photographed from my home in Ficksburg towards Lesotho. Intense lightning and heavy rain falling !

Tsephe Letseka: 20/12/2012 Looks like this storm's intensifying. It's getting really windy now. Looks like Pretoria's in for some big weather.

Gerrit Naude - Hluhluwe -facing SW @ 18h10 20/12/2012

Marida Jooste - Kestell 20/12/2012

Francis Proudfoot Lanham 20/12/2012 Stormclouds starting to build up over the Central Drakensberg

Marianne De Bruyn - Photo taken at Perdekop, MPA on 18/12/12 17H00

Christine Webber: Bathurst - Photo was taken at about 7.45 pm on 19/12/2012

Dee de Souza - Durban harbour yesterday afternoon, 18 December 2012, 3.58pm

Sandra Pinto: 18-19 December 2012 Now outside Ladysmith

Joy Adams Coetzee - Ladysmith... storm brewing... 19 December 2012 at 16:45

Christine Webber - 19 December 2012 Bathurst may be in for a storm!

Nelso Gomes - 18 December 2012 This is what the skies looked above the clouds today. Taken by a former colleague.

Tsephe Letseka - 18 December 2012 The same storm directly over the Pretoria CBD. What a sight. There was a lot of lightning striking and dancing around the skyscrapers. It was a sight to behold.

Ziyaad Warasally - 18/12/2012 Besters area, KZN

Dawid Conradie - 16:15 Rustenburg Facing North from RTB Central

Nelso Gomes - Fouways S 18.12.012 14:07

Marida Jooste - 17 December 2012:Op die oomblik beweeg hael oor die area op pad Golden Gate toe.

Marna Louw - Buite Middelburg,Mpumalanga (Gister die 16de Desember.)

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