Sunday, 30 December 2012

Real Time Observation Report: Heavy Swell West Coast

Image: SAWDOS (Large swell in the Mossel Bay area.)
Marcel Upfold SAWDOS Observer writes:

I have seen some swells in my time at sea, but at this stage the West Coast is really upset with life. The Snoek boats going to sea just disappear in the troughs, and they are not small bathtubs at that.

The swell has really picked up since yesterday although the sea is not so foamy this morning it is still very unhappy and unsettled.

What interested me most is that there was a spring tide on the 28th but the neap tide, which should have been quite low, was in fact higher than the high tide on the half-moon cycle. The spring tide was/is just awesome.

There are a number of whales in the area between Yzerfontein and Dassen Island. They seem to be just submerged and I have now seen two boats pass them totally oblivious of the danger they offer for a boat....

The "poor" inlanders don't understand the force of the sea during full-moon and they can easily land themselves in deep trouble. What is it with these people taking on the sea at this time with a "day-boat" and NO LIFE JACKETS at that... Eish

SAWDOS: Marcel thanks so much for your observation in this regard. Seafarers should take note of these conditions especially those who are visitors to certain areas. SAWDOS would advise visitors to avoid the sea for the next few days until the swell settled. If you unfamiliar with the area you visit rather stay on land and be safe. If you do go out to sea wear those life jackets all the time!!

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