Monday, 24 December 2012

SAWDOS Holiday Alert 2012/2013 - Sewerage spillage Umgeni River


Beaches officials say avoid: Blue Lagoon, Jet Ski, Laguna Beach and Thekwini Beach. These are ALL closed due to promenade upgrades.

eThekwini says swimming in the Umgeni River is prohibited. Fishermen are also advised to be cautious.

Original Twitter Messages by East Coast Radio News:

eThekwini municipality says sewage has been discharged into the Umgeni River, after a pump station malfunctioned at Kennedy Road.

Volume of the spillage could POSSIBLY affect bathing beaches North and South of the Umgeni River.

eThekwini officials advise bathers not to swim within 800m of the Umgeni River after sewerage station spill near Kennedy Road.

Technicians hope to have the pump station fixed by tomorrow. Water quality will also be monitored.

- East Coast Radio News

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