Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sea Rescue - National - Sunday 30 December 2012.



At 20h14 on Saturday, 29 December, the NSRI volunteers at St Francis Bay were called out for a 30 year old up country visitor to St Francis, who it seems, had dived off a boat into a sandbank.

Our volunteers who responded to the Kromriver bridge were told that the boat had hit a sandbank and was moving slowly over it when the man dived off. It seems that he dived into the sandbank. When he surfaced he did not turn over and his friends jumped in and lifted him into the boat.

A local doctor and the Emergency Medical Services also responded.

Our St Francis Bay volunteers started CPR and advanced life support was administered by the Doctor. After all attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful the Doctor certified the man dead.

Then on Sunday 30 December at 12h42 the St Francis volunteers were called for a 30 year old Jeffreys Bay man who had disappeared while wading at Poivre Crescent beach, St Francis. His family were concerned as he can not swim.

St Francis Bay volunteers responded to the scene to find that the man had walked further down the beach and then exited the water. He was safely reunited with his family.


On Sunday 30 December, at 10h39, whilst busy with their annual street collection, Station 37, Jeffrey's Bay were alerted to a missing person, last seen in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to NSRI station commander Rieghard Janse van Rensburg, the 25 year old Kimberly man had left his personal belongings, including a watch and a cellphone on the Jeffreys Bay beach.

His family was particularly worried as he could not swim.

The NSRI volunteers launched their Discovery Rescue Runner 12 and commenced with a search in the area, whilst our Discovery Rescue Quad started a search along the beach. The NSRI duty crew on the Discovery Rescue Runner spotted a person fitting the man’s description on the beach between the Sea Rescue Base and Ashton Bay.

The Sea Rescue Quad bike responded to the location and found the man to be unharmed. He was returned to the NSRI Base on the Rescue Quad and re-united with his family.

A paramedic from Paramedics 24/7 confirmed him to be in good health.


At 13h08 on Sunday 30 December NSRI Knysna were called out for a 68 year old Johannesburg man who had fallen from some rocks at the Knysna Heads.

An ER24 ambulance was also sent to the scene. The man had fractured his left humorous when he fell and he lost consciousness.

The Knysna NSRI volunteers, who responded in their rescue vehicle and the Sea Rescue boat Spirit of KYC, stabilized him in a Sea Rescue stretcher and swam him to the rescue boat. He was transported to the Knysna NSRI base on Spirit of KYC, where he was handed over to ER 24 paramedics and transported to hospital in a stable condition.


At 08h13 on Sunday 30 December NSRI Yzerfontein were called out for a commercial snoek fisherman who had lapsed into a diabetic coma while fishing. The boat that he was on was asked to make its way to Yzerfontein and our volunteers launched their rescue boat Rotary Onwards to meet the fishing boat.

The fisherman, a Vredenberg man is in his 50s, was transferred to our rescue boat and taken to the temporary Sea Rescue base at Yzerfontein, where he was stabilized by First Choice paramedics before being transported to Malmsbury hospital in a stable condition.

While the Yzerfontein NSRI volunteers were helping the Vredenberg man another fisherman, a local Yzerfontein man in his 40‘s, who had a snoek hook in his hand, was brought to them. The hook had been removed from his hand at sea by his fellow fishermen, which caused him to bleed profusely.

Our NSRI duty crew stopped the bleeding, cleaned the wound, and advised him to see a Doctor.


Released by:

Andrew Ingram
Sea Rescue Communications

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