Sunday, 27 January 2013

7 year old boy rescued by lifeguard at Delft Swimming Pool

At approximately 13:30 today [Saturday, 26 January 2013] a male minor nearly drowned at the Delft Swimming Pool.

Qhanami Markus (7 years) from Delft was accompanied to the swimming pool by his cousin.

He found himself in difficulty in the swimming pool and was rescued by lifeguard Cohan Kirby.

The patient was stabilised by the lifeguard and transported to Tygerberg Hospital by an ambulance of the Western Cape Government: Department of Health [METRO Emergency Medical Services].

The boy was admitted to hospital for observation for near drowning symptoms.


Issued by: Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

Source: For operational enquiries: * Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, Head: Systems Integration, Special Projects and Disaster Operations, Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

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