Sunday, 27 January 2013

City closes Sparks Bay tidal pool due to Stingray been present (26 January 2013)

The general public is advised that the Sparks Bay tidal pool area will be closed with immediate effect due to a large Stingray that is present in the water.

Stingrays that are related to the shark family do not aggressively attack humans, though stings do normally occur if a ray is accidentally stepped on.

The injury is very painful, but seldom life-threatening unless the stinger pierces a vital area.

Most stingrays have one or more barbed stings on the tail, which are used exclusively in self-defense.

The stinger may reach a length of approximately 35 centimeters (14 inches), and its underside has two grooves with venom glands.

Immediate First Aid Advice:

· If a person comes in contact with the stinger it causes local trauma (from the cut itself), pain, swelling, muscle cramps from the venom, and later may result in infection from bacteria or fungus.

· The barb usually breaks off in the wound, and surgery may be required to remove the fragments.

The City’s law enforcement officers cordoned off the area to prevent the public from swimming in the tidal pool.

It is expected that the Stingray will be taken out by the current when high-tide sets in at approximately 15:10 PM today [Saturday, 26 January 2013].

The City wishes to apologies for any inconvenience caused, however the action has been taken in the interest of public safety.


Issued by: Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

Sourc: Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, Head: Systems Integration, Special Projects and Disaster Operations, Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

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