Sunday, 3 February 2013

Floods in Mozambique: 1800 people rescued in Zambezia Province

Maputo, February 2, 2013 - As Mozambique is fustigated by heavy flooding, 1 800 people were rescued in the last two days in Nicoadala district of Mozambique´s central Zambezia Province resulting from a weeklong heavy rains in the country and the region.

The rescue operation is being led by the National Institute of Disaster Management with the support of the National Civil Protection Unit (UNAPROC), mobilized for the purpose, provided that the situation has reached the level of a catastrophe.

The National Center for Disaster Management regional director Belém Monteiro, told reporters on February 1, that there are several cases of people in very desperate situation requiring rapid rescue by authorities. Only yesterday, according to our interviewee, over 800 people were saved and search and rescue operations continue.

Other reports indicate that floods have affected over 37000 students as a result of flooding or destruction of 625 schools across Zambezia alone.

The spokesman for the provincial department of Education and Culture in Zambezia, Armindo First, said, however, in many cases classes resumed thanks to the collaboration of religious organizations that provided their properties. "Primary education is being severely affected by the disaster situation," said Armindo first, added that some communities where the waters started to recede are rebuilding educational institutions.

Authorities report that the floods have already claimed nine lives in the province.

- ReliefWeb

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