Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Request for information: Tremor Gauteng (27 February 2013)

SAWDOS request people that felt the tremor in the Gauteng area last night, to send information about the tremor to the SAWDOS.

The following information is needed.  Please complete what you experienced and observed during the tremor.

1. Name:
2. Town or area:
3. Province:
4. Date of earthquake:
5. Time of earthquake:
6. If available, in which area was the earthquake felt:
7. Where were you when the earthquake occurred:
8. Did you feel any vibrations or shaking:
9. Did you hear anything and if so what did you hear:
10. Did any door or window rattle or anything else:
11. Were you indoors or outdoors at the time:
12. Was there any damage (If yes, please provide detail):
13. General Observations or comments:
14. Is this the first time you felt a tremor in the area:

Send information to the SAWDIS by clicking HERE.

Please do not stop reporting tremors or earthquakes as the SAWDIS is now your only free source of earthquake information based upon reports from the public. Keep those reports coming!!


  1. We felt a tremor last night at about 00:30 in the Randburg Honeydew Ridge area, our roof rattled and it shaked for a few seconds until it sounded faint and went away, my husband woke up with the noise and I was about to fall asleep,is there anybody else that felt it?

  2. Lee

    Tremor felt in boksburg. Huge tremor that lasted a few minutes and woke me up. No damage done but 2nf floor hotel room shook. One could hear and feel the shaking. Tremor happened around 1am (not sure) on 27 February 2013.

  3. Peter,
    Hillbrow Johannesburg,27 Ferbuary 2013 at exactly 00.29am. I witnessed the earth tremor in my flat while sitting nursing my injured ankle. The building moved and I was so scared.This is my first time of noticing such tremor.

  4. Why no reports in the local media , unless i missed them . I felt it in Benoni and i Knew it was more than 3 on Richter scale.

  5. Felt and heard tremor just after 00:30 today 27 Feb. I was sitting at my desk working and suddenly I felt the ground below me moving and then a slight rumbling. Items on my Welsh Dresser were shaking and rattling. It lasted I would say btw 30 and 60 seconds. It certainly felt quite strong. Would have imagined it was stronger than just 3.4M. There were some car alarms that went off when the rumbling got intense. Bordeaux, Randburg. I also felt the tremor in 1969.

  6. Another serious one here at 10am! Northcliff, everyone else seems to have felt it from Randburg to Sandton.