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SEA RESCUE – MOSSEL BAY, KOMMETJIE and STILBAAI – Saturday, 23rd February, 2012. Yacht assisted, boat capsizes and boat assisted

Mossel Bay:

On Saturday, 23rd February, at 04h00, NSRI volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of an unidentified yacht requesting assistance 10 nautical miles South West of Mossel Bay but no further information was provided and no contact details, name of the boat, radio contact or nature of the assistance required could be established and while NSRI Mossel Bay were placed on alert no response was initiated as there was no certainty of where the boat was or what the problem was.

At 06h00 (Saturday, 23rd) NSRI Mossel Bay received a call from NSRI Knysna informing that the yacht requiring assistance was the MATTI HAY HU suffering motor failure and requesting assistance to get to Mossel Bay harbour with 3 crew onboard.

NSRI Mossel volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched the sea rescue craft RESCUE 15 and on arrival on-scene a tow line was rigged and NSRI Mossel Bay towed them safely to Mossel Bay harbour.

The 3 men onboard are from Cape Town delivering the boat to Port Owen from Knysna.


On Saturday, 23rd February, at 09h43, NSRI Kommetjie volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a boat capsized in the side channel off-shore of the Kommetjie slipway with 3 people onboard.

NSRI Kommetjie launched SPIRIT OF WINELANDS and on arrival on-scene found that a private boat (unidentified) had assisted the 3 casualty males, who are all from Eagle Park, Cape Town, to right their small 4.2 meter boat and to all get back onto their boat, and the NSRI Kommetjie boat escorted them to shore while they paddled to shore, a short distance.

It appears that they were capsized by a wave while returning from sea.

Once safely ashore they required no further assistance.


On Saturday, 23rd February, at 19h15, NSRI Stilbaai volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded aboard their sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF ST FRANCIS to rendezvous with the sports fishing boat SEA MINER, with 5 male crew onboard, reporting to be taking water off-shore of Oudendals Punt, about 35 kilometers from Stilbaai..

They had been fishing off Oudendals Punt when a 400mm x 400mm hole in their boat caused the boat to start taking water. It is unknown what caused the hole.

On arrival on-scene, 20 kilometers from Stilbaai, NSRI Stilbaai took 4 crew, equipment and fuel off the casualty boat to lighten the boat and then escorted the boat towards Stilbaai.

The lighter load, and with the boat underway, water drained from the boat preventing her from sinking and once the boat and her skipper were safely in Stilbaai they required no further assistance.

The owner will effect repairs to his boat.


Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Communications

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