Saturday, 2 February 2013

SEA RESCUE – PORT ELIZABETH – Friday, 01st February, 2013. Dolphin rescue


Ian Gray, NSRI Port Elizabeth station commander, said:

"At 07h00, on Friday, 01st February, NSRI Port Elizabeth were alerted by members of the public claiming that they had been trying since early this morning to ref-loat a Striped Dolphin, into the sea at Kings Beach, Port Elizabeth, after reportedly finding the live dolphin adult female on the beach that morning but that the dolphin kept re-stranding herself on the beach despite their best efforts.

"NSRI Port Elizabeth contacted the local Bay World marine staff and the Department of Environmental Affairs - Oceans and Coasts who agreed to go to investigate.

"At approximately 09h00 NSRI Port Elizabeth volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from the authorities at the dolphin rescue effort and on arrival on-scene our NSRI sea rescue craft EIKOS RESCUER IV was used to transport the dolphin to deep water out at sea where the dolphin was released into the water from our sea rescue craft.

"Marine Scientists are cautiously optimistic that the dolphin appeared to look healthy on its release into the ocean and that she may survive and they have taken samples from the dolphin for analysis.

"Earlier reports from eye-witnesses suggested that the dolphin was, prior to initially beaching, in the company of a juvenile dolphin, suspected to be her calf, and it is unknown if they are reunited at sea."

"The area will continue to be monitored in case of any further possible beaching by the same dolphin or by the juvenile dolphin."


Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Communications

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