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SEA RESCUE – RICHARDS BAY and STRUIS BAAI – Saturday, 16th February, 2012. Car plunges into river and sport fishing boat runs aground


Cornel du Toit, NSRI Richards Bay station commander, said:

"On Saturday, 16th February, at 14h28, NSRI Richards Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew and Police were activated following reports of a car plunged over a bridge between the Zululand University and Mtunzini towards the Ngoya Forest about 30km inland of Richards Bay.

"Our NSRI Richards Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded with Police and a Police Dive Unit and on arrival on-scene found the car in the river but it appeared that all occupants were safely out of the vehicle.

"As a precautionary measure the vehicle was removed from the river using winches and it was confirmed that there were no further people in the vehicle, no one was injured, and no further assistance was required.

"It appears that the vehicle plunged over the flooded bridge into the river following flood waters during heavy showers in the area. It is not clear how the occupants exited from the vehicle."


Reinard Geldenhuys, NSRI Agulhas station commander, said:

"At 17h00, on Saturday, 16th February, NSRI Agulhas were activated following reports of the 60 foot Sports Fishing Boat MARAUDER running aground on Struis Baai Beach.

"We launched our sea rescue craft Vodacom Rescuer VII and on arrival on-scene found that the trawler had broken her mooring in the Bay and had run aground on the beach.

"A rope line has been successfully secured onto the vessel by NSRI rescue swimmers and the owners will investigate salvage options today, Sunday, 17th February.

"The Sport Fishing Boat had taken part in a local Tuna Classic fishing even during the week."


Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Communications

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