Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SEA RESCUE – TRANSKEI COAST – Monday, 04th February, 2013. Patient casualty evacuated off yacht

On Monday, 04th February, at midday, NSRI Port St Johns volunteer sea rescue duty crew were alerted following reports from the yacht DOUGHTY, sailing from Durban to Cape Town with a crew of 6 persons, 2 females and 4 males, made up of German's, Russian's and a Belgian, that one of their crewman onboard, 56 year old Eric Manshoven, from Germany, had fractured his left hand after their boom broke in rough sea conditions off-shore of Coffee Bay on the Transkei Coast earlier.

While preparing to launch a sea rescue operation NSRI Port St Johns were stood down after the yacht reported that they had turned around and were making their way towards Port Edward and NSRI Port Edward were alerted to be prepared to launch to casualty evacuate the patient off the yacht when it reached closer to Port Edward.

At 13h15 NSRI Port Edward volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched the sea rescue craft WILD COAST SUN RESCUER and rendezvoused with the yacht 25 km South of Port Edward, in 5 meter swells and a 25 knot South Westerly wind, 1 km off-shore in the vicinity of the Sikaba River Mouth, and the patient was found to be in a stable condition with his left hand bandaged (following first aid treatment that had been administered by his fellow crew following the de-masting of their yacht), and the patient, suffering 3 fractured fingers on his left hand, was transferred onto the sea rescue craft and brought to shore at Port Edward. The mans wife, from Russia, was also brought off the casualty yacht to accompany her husband to hospital.

On arrival at the Port Edward Sea Rescue Base a Netcare 911 ambulance was summoned but the patient, in a stable condition, requested to be taken to a hospital in Umhlanga and an NSRI Durban sea rescue vehicle was summoned and the patient has been transported by NSRI Durban to an Umhlanga hospital in Durban for further treatment.

The yacht is continuing back towards Durban, with her remaining 4 crew onboard, where they will effect repairs to the yacht and wait on the recovery of their fellow crewman.


Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Communications

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