Friday, 8 February 2013

Update: Alternative Power: SAWDOS DIY Wind Turbine Project

A few months ago I posted some images about my DIY home built wind turbine that will be used to produce emergency power for SAWDOS. What has happened since my last posting? A lot of time was spend on the installation and setup of the turbine. I constructed the base and brackets for the turbine mast and galvanized all the metal parts as we all know what happens to ordinary metal at the sea. The base and wall bracket were installed and the mount for the turbine was installed on top of the 70 mm pipe. I installed the turbine a week ago for a test run to evaluate possible noises, off balancing and vibrations. The wind played host and I was able to determine that the turbine blades needed balancing. There was also vibrations on the mast partly due to the unbalanced turbine and gaps between the mast and base. It took a day or two to fix what needed to be fixed. It now runs smoothly with no noise or vibrations. I am now busy with cosmetic work on the turbine and hope to evaluate the power output and electronic functionality of the turbine next week. I am very satisfied so far with the home built turbine and plan to have it fully operational by next weekend. I will provide further detail as this project might be of some interest to others.

More info and images available at:

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