Friday, 8 February 2013

Upper air trough and cut-off low Western Cape: 9 -10 February 2013

An upper air trough close to the Western Cape and cut-off low just offshore is likely to develop this weekend.  The upper air trough might bring some thundershowers and cooler temperatures over parts of the Western Cape while the cut-off low is likely to bring rain along the coastal belt while moving eastwards.  We all know that it is difficult to exactly predict  where precipitation is expected as a result of the cut-off low. 

The SAWDOS would like to warn all communities to remain on full alert.  SAWDOS will once again bring you the latest updates as the system progresses. Recent forecasting charts does not provide enough information to make specific predictions for specific areas.  It is still to early to say for certain if the system will result in severe weather, however at this stage the system  should be observed full time as from tomorrow morning and throughout the weekend.  SAWDOS is currently monitoring this system very closely en encourage all it's weather observers to do the same.


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