Monday, 11 March 2013

City advises public of a planned maritime disaster exercise on Tuesday

The City of Cape Town wishes to inform residents that a simulated major cruise ship ‘accident’ close to the Port of Cape Town will be conducted on Tuesday 12 March 2013.

The exercise will test the preparedness and ability of the authorities and related agencies to respond to an incident involving an international cruise ship running aground.

Code-named ‘Beachy’, the joint scenario exercise will be led by the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre.

The armed forces will be commanded by the South African National Defence Force and will include the SA Navy, SA Air Force and the SA Army.

The planned scenario will involve the SAS Spioenkop, a frigate ‘on-loan’ from the SA Navy, being simulated as a cruise liner carrying 106 passengers and crew, on her voyage around the coastline of South Africa to Durban.

The accident will take place off-shore from the Mouille Point Lighthouse and a verification and mass-care centre will be established at the Cape Town Stadium to assist survivors of the cruise liner disaster.

Residents living in the vicinity are alerted that the exercise will involve a large contingent of armed forces, law enforcement agencies and emergency and disaster management personnel.

Helicopters from the SA Air Force and the Western Cape Government Health: Emergency Medical Services will be utilised to evacuate ‘casualties’ from the ship.

The foreign representation in Cape Town [heads of diplomatic missions locally] of France, Britain, United States of America, Netherlands and Germany will also participate in the exercise as part of the protocol in dealing with foreign nationals in distress.

The operation will involve, the City of Cape Town, the National Ports Authority of South Africa, South African Maritime Safety Authority [SAMSA], Western Cape Government: Department of Health: Emergency Medical Services, South African Police Services, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and various other roleplayers.

Date: Tuesday 12 March 2013
Time: 07:00 – 13:00
Venue: Mouille Point Lighthouse, Beach Road and the Cape Town Stadium

All media are welcome to attend and observe.


Issued by: Integrated Strategic Communication and Branding Department, City of Cape Town

For operational enquiries:

Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, Head: Systems Integration, Special Projects & Disaster Operations, Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

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