Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cold-front SW-Cape, and weak upper air trough (30 March - 2 April 2013)

The appearance of the deep frontal-low (bottom image)  and cold-core upper trough (top image) is quite obvious from this mornings satellite images.  We could be in for and interesting weekend.  First real winter cold front approaching?  Dropping temperatures?  Strong South Easterly Wind? Possible Cut Off Low? Thunderstorms to the East? Heavy Rain? This Easter weekend might just be the turn from Autumn to an early Winter spell.

All SAWDOS Weather Observers and non SAWDOS weather observers are hereby requested to report severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and other adverse weather conditions in their area of observation.  Be alert and send observations to the SAWDOS as we will in turn publish the observations to the benefit of the general public.

There is really no better way than real time weather observations by the public when it comes to reporting severe weather in an area.

Send information to:

SMS, MMS messages to: 076 251 3482 (only text messages)

Email photos and information by clicking HERE.

If you observe any strange weather or disaster send the info to the SAWDOS for publication. Do not assume that the SAWDOS knows for certain that severe weather has occurred in your area. Never assume that your weather observation report is not important.

We also remind our readers that the SAWDOS utilize the following social media formats to keep our readers informed :

SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service Blog -

SAWDOS Twitter -

SAWDOS Facebook Group -

Please note that any of the above could be used during severe weather to keep the public informed or to notify the SAWDOS of an event.

Johan Terblanche
Founder: SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service
Mossel Bay
30 March 2013

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