Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hamnet Weekly Report 10/03/2013

Looking at our normal sites from where we get information on cyclones, Tornados and earthquakes, the past week was relatively quiet with not too much to get excited about.

Global Disaster Alert & Coordination System report only two quakes during the past few days in China and Nepal with both having a minimal effect on the population in both countries.

Cyclone ‘Sandra’ off shore east of Australia seems to be playing itself out over the sea but is heading toward Papua New Guinea and north eastern Australia.

There is what is known as an Invest Area in mid Indian Ocean and not going anywhere at present but we will keep an eye on this one.

Locally it is still a very dry summer in many areas with rainfall below average and many regions having to contend with high temperatures and humidity in some parts. The summer is far from over and we will keep a wary eye on the various sites available to us on Facebook with SAWDOS and the Kobus Botha Weather photo site being the main areas of information.

The merger of SAWDOS and Hamnet on Facebook can now get my full attention. I will be contact with Johan Terblance, ZS1I during the next week or so and begin discussions with him regarding how we are going combine the two Facebook sites into a formidable weather and emergency site.

This may not be easy but we will put our heads together and come up with a new site and will be making suitable announcements in due course.

In the meantime, I think many are preparing for the school holidays whcn start soon as well as the Easter Weekend.

We will continue to monitor our emergency frequencies on an ad hoc basis but will make further announcements at a later stage.

Reporting for Hamnet, this is Francois Botha, ZS6BUU

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