Sunday, 24 March 2013

HAMNET Weekly Report 24/3/2013

For a change, no imminent cyclones are in the offing except for a tropical depression in mid Indian Ocean but mainly west of northern Australia.

Global Disaster Alert (GDACS) show a few quakes in Iran, Chile, Poland and South Georgia which really is in the middle of nowhere just north of Antarctica. This quake had minimal affect on anybody but was measured by one of many seismic sensors situated around the globe.

Europe and especially the United Kingdom are again in the grip of what is probably the last of the winter snaps with snow falling quite heavily in some places, causing rail, road and air traffic problems.

Many sporting events have had to be postponed or cancelled due to the snow. The pitch was either too deeply covered in snow of too hard for a meaningful game to take place.

Looking at the EUMETSAT satellite shot of southern Africa today; the south coast is getting a swipe of the tail end of a cold front that is passing by and heading east. There is a prediction of improved rainfall across South Africa by Sunday/Monday.

Just a reminder that schools inland have already closed and coastal schools will close on Thursday at the beginning of the Easter Weekend.

We have already been monitoring the N3 Toll Concession for details of traffic on the N3 between Gauteng and KZN. Although last Thursday showed a more than average count of vehicles, we anticipate that this coming Thursday the 28th will see the vast majority of weekenders taking to the roads.

We also anticipate a lot of traffic to Moria and Zimbabwe as well as the N4 to Mozambique.

We again urge Hamnet monitors to take some time out over the busy periods and monitor 7,110MHz as well as 10.125MHz for longer distances from Gauteng down to the Western Cape. We did some tests earlier this week with excellent communication between Gauteng and Cape Augulas as well as Cape Town.

Please join us on 7,110MHz any time for a chat or to report on traffic. All welcome.

Reporting for Hamnet, this is Francois Botha, ZS6BUU.

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