Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Photos: Tornado observed over Kriel, Mpumalanga, Saturday 02 March

 (Click on images for larger view.)

Paul Andrews writes: Please see attached photos of what came to town on Saturday morning just before my daughter's hockey game, at Kriel, Mpumalanga.

It was outside of town and far off, probably about 10km and it never touched down.

What's really strange about it is that it was not a day of severe weather systems.

The morning began cool and overcast with patches of light rain and drizzle, almost like a cold front.

There was no major build-up of severe heat and then the sudden icy cold of hail-laden storm clouds, together with violent gusting winds.

Instead it was calm, only slightly breezy and moderate. This was not in any way a day filled with perfect tornado-forming weather.

The funnel lasted about 10 minutes and then was gone again.

SAWDOS:  Paul thanks so much for the funnel images.  This is a great observation taken into account that the conditions were not conducive for the formation of tornadoes.   However one never knows when mother nature will come up with a surprise. 

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