Thursday, 14 March 2013

Photos: Seli 1 wreck reduction well underway

= Images: Bruce Sutherland, Principal Photographer, City of Cape Town

Good progress has been made on the Seli 1 wreck reduction efforts, with the focus of today’s activities being on weakening the bow that keeps the wreck intact.

An Operational Diving Team (ODT) of the SA Navy had earlier commenced with the wreck reduction of the Seli 1 on Monday 11 February 2013. The planned operation is a phased approach which will involve precision blow-cutting in order to weaken the structure of the wreck.

Significant progress has been made to weaken the vessel and the focus of the ODT will now be on the containment area where the oil tanks are located.

The ODT is conducting continuous assessments to determine the structural integrity of the wreck.

The objectives of the operation involve the weakening of the vessel and the release of potential oils on-board.

The desired outcomes of the operation are as follows:

· mitigate further altering of the coastline by means of erosion

· eliminate navigational hazards to small craft in the immediate area

· reduce risks to recreational users

· eliminate further oil spills

The general public are informed that the wreck may remain visible until ocean forces further assist in collapsing it onto the seabed.

The established Joint Task Team has put in place contingency measures to deal with potential oil spills and contamination of marine life.

The relevant authorities have on-site monitoring staff and standby teams in place for the duration of the operation.

The City of Cape Town once again appeals to the general public to adhere to the following safety measures that are being enforced:

· The entire beach and dune area opposite the wreck is closed to the public and demarcated parking areas are off-limits

· Recreational activities are not permitted

· An area of approximately 1 000m surrounding the wreck is off-limits to all vessels and water users during the operation. The various law enforcement agencies are actively policing the off-limits areas

· The airspace surrounding the wreck is prohibited and no aircraft are allowed to operate within this space

The public will be kept updated on progress with the wreck reduction operation.

The City apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks residents and the general public for their cooperation and understanding.


Issued by: Integrated Strategic Communication and Branding Department, City of Cape Town

Source: Wilfred Solomons-Johannes, Head: Systems Integration, Special Projects and Disaster Operations, Disaster Risk Management Centre, City of Cape Town

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