Monday, 18 March 2013

USA HAM Radio Users Prep for Severe Weather Season

Severe weather season is right around the corner and that means USA HAM radio users are dusting off their gear and gearing up for the coming storms.

The Nebraska HAM radio state convention is underway at the Lancaster Event Center.

HAM radios can make contact over short distances, like inside a room, or long distances, like around the world.

That versatility make them ideal for severe weather spotting and response.

At the state convention, HAM operators are brushing up on their hobby and stocking up on new equipment.

It's all part of their commitment to being ready, if and when disaster strikes.

Lincoln Amateur Radio Club Vice President Mike Walsh says we have lots of ways to communicate, whether via cell phone, texting or email, but they're not always reliable.

Walsh says, "In a real emergency, a lot of those services are not available - they're wiped out or we've lost power or whatever. But the HAM radio community works and practices to be able to provide communication in a disaster scenario."

HAM operators must be licensed by the FCC and must also be trained to take part in storm spotting.


- 1011 News

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