Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Strong winds hamper Durban port operations

The strong winds have affected operations at Durban's container handling terminal. Authorities had to enforce an hour long partial closure at the terminal earlier today due to the gusts.

Transnet Port Terminal's Mbali Mathenjwa says it has since been re-opened, however.

Mathenjwa says they're closely monitoring the wind speed and direction to determine whether another closure will be necessary.

She says if the winds reach an unsafe level again, port officials will have to stop operations because of the danger of working with cranes.

However, Mathenjwa's stressed that if another closure is enforced, it would be for a maximum of two hours.

Meanwhile, the SA Weather Service has warned of very rough seas along KZN's coastline, with waves in excess of five metres.

(Photo: Hannah Keal)

- East Coast Radio News

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