Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Petition: The Minister; SA Parliament; South African Weather Service: Request: FREE detailed weather radar images. MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Thank you very much to those who signed and shared the petition. So far 308 people signed the petition.

With 301 signatures we will not achieve our goal. We need a few thousand people to sign the petition. It will be of no use to only have a few hundred signatures. SAWDOS therefore request people to spread the word about the petition. We need to get the message out!! Use any of the social media to get the word out. The petition will run until the end of November 2012. If there is enough signatures SAWDOS will go ahead to request the Minister, Parliament and SAWS to once again make free radar images available to the general public. In-sufficient signatures will indicate that there is really no support to lobby authorities for free radar images. This petition will decide the final outcome of free radar images in South Africa.

Link to petition:


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