Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Photos: Weather Observation: South Africa (13 November 2012)

Rossi_77 Roche Marx 18h - @SAWDOS1 What could these clouds have in store...15:40 Rant en Dal. Wind is picking up although it still feels warm?

louisvv09 Louis van Vuuren 17h - @SAWDOS1 Looking north from Centurion

Joe ‏@JoevanHeerden - thunderstorm moving east just north of Potch

Flying Dutchman - @SAWDOS1 Just wanna share a pic I took by mistake of lightning bolt hitting tree in front of my house in 1999.

Ziyaad Warasally - Besters area

Marida Jooste - Kestell wil graag 2 foto's met julle deel. Dis na Weste kant toe, swaar weer oppad.

Die een is Oos en oppad KZN toe, dit reen nou hard in Kestell groete

Francis Lanham Proudfoot - This cloud reminds me of a running warthog.

Hans Nkr Towking O'Reilly - Ladysmith KZN heavy winds and a few drops of rain

Marida Jooste - Kestell weer dreun en lyk soos hael wees op uitkyk.

Jaap ter Wolbeek - Sterk wind hier in Roodepoort

Henri Steppe - There are some heavy looking dark clouds with lots of thunder coming from the Heidelberg side of Springs.

Emile Hallaby - Some clouds rolling into PE — at Blue Water Bay.

Pierre Carosin - Storm clouds to the south - Germiston

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