Monday, 10 December 2012

Photos: Weather and Storm Observation: South Africa 9 December 2012

gisele wertheimaymes - Terrific storm brewing on the water

Tasha Venter-Cloete - Dis die weer oppad na Hartebeespoort dam

Rossi Marx - Rain falling now much lighter although still non-stop, Rant en dal, 16:10. Expecting it to end soon.

Frans Gerber - Sudden strong wind, dark cloads approaching, north of Cullinan

Dinesh Balliah - Epic hailstorm turns the garden white in Melrose, JHB. Slowing down after ten minutes.

TrapSpotter - Strong winds on the N4 direction Rustenburg

Tasha Venter-Cloete - Hartebeespoort

Tasha Venter-Cloete - Hartebeespoort thunder and lightning with few drops of rain

David parsons - No rain yet

Mike_Dippenaar Storm over Bela Bela

Yusuf Yacoob - Hail In Estcourt

These are some photos of the apocalyptic freak hail storm that went through Ladysmith at around 18h00 on Sunday 09/12/12. I will post some pics of the damage tomorrow.

In my 26 years in Ladysmith i've never seen anything like this.
The hail damaged most of the roof tiles on my and numerous other houses in the Model Kloof area.
Hail came through the roof and through the celing into the house.
We now have severe water damage through out the house.
The hail also came through 11 of my house windows.

Rudi Botha
Ladysmith (Model Kloof)

To be Part 2

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