Sunday, 23 December 2012

SEA RESCUE – Jeffreys Bay – Saturday 22 December 2012.

At 07h52 ON SATURDAY 22 December NSRI Jeffreys Bay volunteers were called out following a call for assistance from a 66 year old Jeffreys Bay man who had hit a rock while paddling his kayak off Jeffreys Bay. He said that his kayak was sinking and he required assistance.

The Jeffreys Bay NSRI duty crew as well as 24/7 Paramedics responded.

Robin Brown, NSRI Jeffreys Bay deputy station commander, said that when our volunteers arrived on scene at Walskipper beach they found that the man had managed to swim ashore without assistance. His kayak had sunk. He was mildly hypothermic and after being treated by the 24/7 paramedics he was released.

The man is commended for having a life jacket on and for having the local NSRI emergency number stored in his cell phone which was in a waterproof sleeve.

The NSRI is urging everyone launching a craft to wear a life-jacket. Always have your safety kit attached to your life jacket. It should include red distress pencil flares, a signaling mirror or CD disc, a referees whistle, a waterproof torch and a cellphone in a water tight sleeve.


Released by:

Andrew Ingram
Sea Rescue Communications

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