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SEA RESCUE – STRUIS BAAI – Wednesday, 06th February, 2012. Fisherman casualty evacuated with fish hook in wrist

Danie Viljoen, NSRI Agulhas deputy station commander, said:

"On Wednesday, 06th February, at 10h26, NSRI Agulhas volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following a request for medical assistance from the 'chukky' fishing boat (small open fishing boat) STELLA reporting a crewman onboard to have a fish hook accidentally impaled in his wrist out at sea at fishing grounds approximately 3 hours at their best speed from Struis Baai.

"Our NSRI Agulhas volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched our sea rescue craft VODACOM RESCUER VII and responded to rendezvous with the fishing boat which was heading from fishing grounds towards Struis Baai and on meeting up with the fishing boat the casualty, a local 52 year old fisherman, was found to have a large fish hook (approximately half a hand size) impaled in his wrist but in an otherwise stable condition.

"The fish hook had reportedly impaled in the fishermans' wrist while using fishing line and hook fishing for Yellow Tail.

"Our NSRI medics secured the fish hook with bandages to prevent its movement and thereby preventing the fish hook from causing any further damage to tissue or blood vessels in the wrist and the fisherman was transferred onto our sea rescue craft and brought to shore at Struis Baai harbour and we transported him to a local doctor in Struis Baai.

"The fish hook was removed by the doctor who cut the blunt end of the fish hook and pushed the hook out through the mans wrist.

"The wound has been cleaned and bandaged by the doctor and we expect the fisherman, local John Newman, who lives in Bredasdorp, and is a permanent crewman on the chukky fishing boat STELLA, to be back at sea tomorrow."


Released by:

Craig Lambinon
Sea Rescue Communications

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