Monday, 25 March 2013

Problems: Updating of the SAWDOS Blog, Twitter Messages and accessing Overseas Networks.

SAWDOS is still experiencing problems in updating the SAWDOS BLOG, SAWDOS TWITTER and SAWDOS FACEBOOK pages as a result of the undersea cable break in the Mediterranean between Egypt and France. From 08h00 to midnight it is virtually impossible to update these pages. Early morning updating is possible but also at a very slow upload rate.

SAWDOS regret and apologise for no updates that is impacting our viewers and the ultimate users of our services. However the current problem is beyond our control.

This outage just show how vulnerable the Internet can be and that we need to look at alternative means of communications in the event of a total collapse of the Internet. Thankfully SAWDOS can always rely on amateur radio in the event of a disaster. SAWDOS trust that this problem will be sorted in no time and that we can once again return to our regular service and schedule.


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